Ivan Chua

Ivan Chua (born June 23, 1993) is an Australian entrepreneur, engineer and academic. He is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Ximple.

Early life

Ivan was born at a village on an island in rural Malaysia where 35% of the population live in poverty, and has firsthand experience of the unique problems and social challenges faced by people in developing countries. Having a brother with disability, he is on a personal mission to use machine intelligence to empower one billion people worldwide who live with disability to lead their own lives and realise their full potential. He envisions a world without barrier for people with disability -- people like his brother.


Ivan graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor’s degree in commerce (finance), and undertook further studies in computer science and economics at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Sydney.


Ivan has experience building, leading and advising technology companies that focus on delivering social impact through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Currently, Ivan is the CEO of two high-impact AI and robotics companies in healthcare: Ximple and Vascular Access Robotics. He is also the founder of Australia's first think tank in AI, an academic at the University of Sydney, an adviser at two healthcare technology companies, and a public speaker at various conferences and universities.


In 2014, Ivan was awarded a prize at Harvard University by a panel of judges from Google, Microsoft and JP Morgan in recognition of his leadership in the development of a new technology for the World Food Programme at the United Nations. In 2018, Ivan received an invitation to participate in the McKinsey & Company Young Leaders’ Forum, a leadership programme for emerging leaders in Australia.

Personal life

Outside of work, Ivan is passionate about the arts. He is a pianist, linguist and martial artist. His other passions include hiking, travelling and eating.