Ximple (https://ximple.com.au/) is an Australian technology company that specialises in internet-related products and services in the disability industry. Ximple was founded in 2016 by Ivan Chua, Kevin Mailoa and Somarjun Chandolu while Ivan and Somarjun were undertaking postgraduate studies in computer science at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia.

Through Ximple's suite of products and services, the organisation serves over 7,000 users in more than 50 countries globally. Some of their users include the NSW Department of Health, QLD Department of Community, St Vincent De Paul Society, Sylvanvale, Benevolent Society and Cerebral Palsy.

The current focus for Ximple is the National Disability Insurance Scheme where its products and services help Participants, families and carers, Service Providers and Support Coordinators access information, make informed decisions and manage their responsibilities and funding in the programme.


The founding of Ximple

Ximple was originally founded by Ivan Chua in response to his personal experiences living with and growing up with his younger brother, Ian, who has Dyslexia, learning disability. Born in a small village on an island in rural Malaysia, Ivan's brother faced significant challenges and constant discrimination. He was often excluded, ignored, bullied and wrongly treated by the community in an environment where there are no awareness, diagnosis and support for people who live with disability.

Following a formal diagnosis by a psychologist in Singapore, Ivan's family of five immigrated to Australia in 2005 in pursuit of inclusive education, greater support and a brighter future for Ian. For the first time in his life, Ian had access to support and an inclusive education which helped him to improve his self-esteem and confidence and increase his personal capacity to participate at school and in the community. Through the tremendous support provided by the Australian community, Ian successfully graduated from high school, successfully completed several internships and is expected to graduate with a bachelor's degree in geospatial sciences from RMIT in 2019.

Ivan founded Ximple in 2016 to ensure that current and future generations of Australians are provided with the same support and have access to the same opportunities as his younger brother. Influenced by his younger brother's personal experiences, Ivan envisions a world without barrier for people with disability -- people such as his brother, and he is on a personal mission to empower one billion people worldwide people to lead their own lives and realise their full potential through the use of machine intelligence. Ivan believes in the power of technology to address the toughest challenges in disability, and is leveraging on advanced technologies to address informational and financial barriers in disability. As part of this, Ivan enlisted Kevin Mailoa as Chief Financial Officer and Somarjun Chandolu as Chief Technology Officer of Ximple.

Focus on disability

The World Health Organisation and the World Bank estimates that there are more than one billion people worldwide who live with some form of disability, representing 1 in 7 people on Earth. Nearly 200 million people have very significant difficulties in functioning.

In the years ahead, disability will be an even greater concern because its prevalence is on the rise - and increasing very rapidly. This is due to ageing populations and the higher risk of disability in older people, as well as the global increase in infectious diseases, chronic health conditions and injuries.

Across the world, people with disabilities have poorer health outcomes, lower educational achievements, less economic participation and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is due to people with disabilities being denied access to health and rehabilitation, education, employment and transport due to physical, social, financial, informational and environmental barriers.

Bringing human-assisted machine intelligence to disability

Ximple uses human-assisted machine intelligence to address financial and information barriers in the disability sector, starting with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Venture capital

Strategic partners and supporters

Ximple's partners and supporters include Google, McKinsey & Company, Melbourne Accelerator Program, the University of Sydney and TAU Global.

Products and services

For families and carers

Self-managing application

An all-in-one platform for families to manage and make the most out of their NDIS plans for their loved ones

AI Assistant

An AI-powered support coordinator that helps you with anything related to the NDIS. Ask questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere. Yet to be released.

For service providers

Strategy & Operations

Ximple helps clients use IT to improve service delivery and increase effiency by automating and streamlining operations, admin, human resources, finance and client service.

Knowledge Base for Staff

A questions and answers platform that enables staff to ask and answer questions, enabling the organisation to increase knowledge sharing, retain knowledge, and improve training.

Support Center for Clients

An online platform that enables your clients to find answers to frequently asked questions.

NDIS Ad Platform

A new medium to reach NDIS participants and attract potential customers. Be seen by potential customers at the very moment that they are search for Ximple for the services you offer.

AI Human Resources Platform

An AI-powered human resources platform that creates rosters dynamically, manages adverse situations, optimises leave planning for a workforce of casual workers.

AI Assistant

An AI-powered site manager that helps your front-line workers in real-time at their shifts. Ask questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere.


Ximple Management Platform

An all-in-one platform that helps support coordinators to improve service delivery and increase efficiency.

Knowledge Base for LACs

A questions-and-answers platform for local area coordinators to organise, share, retain knowledge relating to the best practices in plan activation and implementation.

Local Government

Knowledge Base for Residents

A questions and answers platform that enables residents to ask and answer questions about local NDIS services in their community, enabling the local government to increase knowledge sharing within their region.

Support Center for Residents

An online platform that enables residents to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about local services and local providers in their community.

NDIS Self-managing App for Residents

Provide an NDIS Self-Managing App to all families and carers living in your community. Whitelabelled in your brand.

NDIS AI Assistant for Residents

An AI-powered support coordinator that helps residents with anything related to the NDIS. Ask questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere.

Community engagement

Offline platform

Ximple NDIS Mini-Expo Series

Online platform

NDIS provider search

Wikipedia for the NDIS

Questions and answers for the NDIS

Corporate identity